Portfolio nursing CPD

Paper, Order, or Assignment Requirements


  • Professional Practice
  • Critical Thinking and Analysis
  • Provision and coordination of care- 200
  • Collaborative and therapeutic practice-

The eportfolio template has been designed so that you are able to showcase your achievement of the NMBA competency standards for a Registered Nurse. You are required to address each of the four (4) domains and describe how you have achieved the competency standard as an undergraduate nursing student. Each domain is worth 15 marks = 60 in total. Total of 800 words, 200 words per requierment

Showcase or describes achievement in the NMBA domains using detailed exemplars from academic and clinical evidence nursing experiences and/or non-nursing experiences. Highlights the transferability of experiences across to the nursing domain

  • Considering the types of stress that are related to health care, how does that affect nurses’ health and wellbeing and what are the potential long term effects that have been identified in the literature and government reports?


  • Can you think of an example of stress related to health care you have experienced or witnessed in your clinical practice. Briefly describe this and explain why in your view this was an example of such stress and note what strategies that were put into

place to address the stress or were lacking in addressing the stress.

Please de‐identify detail like names, place of work, etc.


  • Have you considered the possibility of encountering stress related to your work in health care? What strategies have you considered to help you assist manage this?

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