Choose a concept relevant to your nursing practice [present or future]. Following the guidelines given in Chinn & Kramer [Chapter 7] or Walker and Avant, analyze the concept and develop cases: model, contrary, related, and borderline. The paper length should not exceed 10-12 pages. The paper must be submitted through the assignment in Module 7. The Similarity index should not be more than 25-30%. Please use the headings in Module 7. Evaluation criteria are as follows:


Rubric Criteria for concept analysis paper:


1. Identification of concept and the background of the concept. Discuss the meaning of the concept as used in 1 theory. Include purpose of the paper.


2. Incorporate relevant research that has been conducted. There should be at least 3 peer-reviewed articles summarized in this section in this section. (Do not list the method such as search terms, databases etc.)


3. Aims of This Analysis: Discuss what will be generated by this analysis. Discuss significance of the concept to nursing 5%

4. Definitions:

Provide definitions for concept & other related terms used. This should include nursing/medical sources (i.e. peer reviewed journals) as well as definitions from a dictionary. Need to include and expand upon the antecedents and consequences. 10%

5. Development of Cases:

Develop cases for the following: Model, Contrary, Related & Borderline. Include an explanation of what each case means and how the example fits the case.

30 %

6. Tentative criteria:

List criteria developed for concept. Include attributes and an operational definition. State clearly the operational definition.


7. Summary and Conclusion: Summary of analysis. Must include the purpose of the paper in conclusion.10%

8. Organization, clarity, logic, grammar, spelling, & APA format (7th Ed)





Subtitle or Section:

Please use headings to separate the sections of the paper. Suggested headings are Identification of Concept, Relevant Research, Aims of Analysis, Definitions, Development of Cases, Criteria for Concept, Summary and Conclusion.


Submission Instructions:

The concept analysis is due by 11:59 PM on Day 3. Late assignments are subject to a penalty of 5 points per day. Must align with APA 7th Edition.


Required Textbook Readings and Selected Articles

  1. Application of Theory to Personal Nursing Practice (MO 1,2,3,4)
  3. Concept Analysis of selected clinically relevant concepts  (MO 1,2,3,4)
  5. Chinn, P. L. & Kramer, M. K. (2018). Knowledge development in nursing: Theory and process, (10th Ed.) Mosby Elsevier.

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Must Be Plagiarism Free!!!

Needs to be in correct APA format and this includes the references

ANSWER MUST BE ORIGINAL and all required concepts of the paper must be included.

Concept Analysis Paper. Due 7-27-2017

-Conducting a concept analysis of ONE concept found in nursing theory

-Non-nursing theories may not be used

-8-10 pages with 6 scholarly nursing literature sources

-At least 3 attributes

-1 antecedent of the selected nursing concept

-1 consequence of the selected nursing concept

-2 empirical referents of the selected nursing concept

-1 model case

-3 alternative cases correctly created and presented

-Detailed conclusion.

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