Note: The project is about Smart Home on packet tracer and the file attach gives you an idea of how its going to look like on packet tracer. Use the PDF attachment to answer the question

  • Create a powerpoint slide and a word doc (MS word file should include all the detail explanation and the process)
  • Address all the six component on the powerpoint slides
  • Write an essay reflecting this project on word document

Identify and construct an IT infrastructure and architecture proposal to solve a real-world problem related to solving social issues, supporting science or engineering, or conducting business operations. The proposal should be in the form of a Powerpoint presentation, where you include design documentation to strengthen your slides. The proposal should address six sets of issues, corresponding to the modules of the course: data, hardware, software, networking and network services, cloud, and cybersecurity. Consider builds, animations, annotations, narrations, and anything else that makes your presentation engaging and concise. if you use anything from the Internet, cite it in the notes section of the slides.

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