This assignment must include an outline as well as the other sections. This may be written in an essay/word format.

As the chief compliance officer for Moreno Medical Center, you need to create an employee training session to keep employees up to date on compliance protocol. 

Review the Compliance Resource Portal on the Office of Inspector General (OIG) website.  


Select 1 of the following topics:  

  • Human resources
  • Documentation and coding
  • Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services fraud
  • Waste and abuse training
  • Confidentiality issues


Develop an employee training session about the topic you selected. For the training session:


  • Create a schedule topical content to fill a single 2-hour session.


  • Explain, as part of the introduction to the training, the role of a compliance officer, including:


  • Responsibilities
  • Skills required
  • Qualifications (education and licenses/certifications)
  • How the compliance officer can affect the culture of the organization.


  • Outline topics, objectives, activities, and assessments that you are planning to facilitate.


Written Narrative –


  • Expand on each topic and objective you create and develop activities that will help learners understand and apply the material.


  • Include details about the essential components you will cover.


  • Insert charts, diagrams, or other materials that you will use in the training.


  • Include how this training will help create a culture of compliance in your organization.



Develop –


Create a 5-question quiz to assess trainees.




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