The last phase of this course centers on finding a social problem of importance to you. The college insists on allowing a very broad meaning of what constitutes a “social problem.” What should not be broad,however,is the topic you want to cover.

For instance,let’s say you consider crime to be a major social problem. That’s fine,but whichcrimes? Crimes against whom? Do you care about executive at Wells Fargo not going to prison after ruining credit scores and creating up to 8 accounts for their customers without their permission? Write about that. Do you care about the United States having one of the highest homicide rates in the developed world? Write about that. Do you care about the high recidivism rates in the United States? Write about that.

For reference,when I did this assignment,two topics I focused on were 1)the degradation of civil discourse,and 2)the ups-and-downs of charter schools.

Here are some links for pretty generic social issues in the U.S.:

Complete the Social Problems Worksheet and upload it here.

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