Continuing with the theme of the Module 1 Discussion, do some diagnosis of a conversation from your favorite TV show or movie that demonstrates some aspect of Transactional Analysis. Which character was the “parent” and which one was the “child”? Or did both act like “adults”? Explain how Transactional Analysis applies to this scene. Also, if any of the characters in this show has a blind spot or hidden area, share this diagnosis with the class as well. This post should be within the first few days of the module.

For the second week of the module, start paying close attention to some interactions in your daily life. Did you have any conversations or confrontations that could be analyzed using Transactional Analysis? Did you change your own communication approach based on what you learned in this module about Transactional Analysis?


For your SLP, you will be writing about a real-life example of organizational politics from your own work life. For the discussion, we will take a bit more lighthearted approach and look at some examples of how organizational politics is portrayed in movies or TV as well as video games.

Notable TV series that focus on workplace life include Suits, Mad Men, Silicon Valley, House of Lies, Ugly Betty, and The Office. You can probably think of few more recent ones. In terms of movies, Office Space, The Social Network, and Jobs are some examples of popular movies that revolved around corporate life.

For your first post in the first week of this module, try to find a good example of a recent TV series or movie that you watched that you thought was a good example of any of the concepts from this module. Give a short synopsis of the story involved and how it reflected concepts from the background readings. If you can find a YouTube clip from this show or movie, share the link with your classmates. Also, discuss how realistic the TV show or movie was—did it seem similar to what you might find in real life?

Just as office politics is a common theme in movies and TV, there are a surprising number of video games with an office politics theme. Do a search on “office politics games,” “office simulators” or similar searches and see if you find any games that look interesting or are relevant to this module. Some of these games are even available for free—special kudos to any of you who try the game out yourselves. But at least include a short description of the game you found and a link to a video or webpage that illustrates the game

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