Essay ( 800 words) APA format

The subject of the essay : Compare and contrast the Norse Gods of Thor and Loki to their Marvel Universe counterparts. Why do you think that the creators of the Marvel universe made the changes that they made?

3 References from reliable sources



1- Try to consider what makes that story mythological (or perhaps, conversely, why you think a particular work does not qualify as mythological).

2- Focus on the protagonist (or mythological hero) some key events in the story.

3- What I do not want is a “book report” or a summary of the plot of the work (possibly lifted from Wikipedia or Sparknotes).

4- thoughts and ideas. That is the point of this class—to think critically and creatively.

5- You can use our online discussions as a jumping off point for your paper, or I will provide some possible ideas to pursue for each novel.

6- should be organized around a clear and specific thesis statement.

**You will be graded on:

  1. Clear, coherent thesis that ties the paper together and that you focus on throughout.
  2. Ability to clearly analyze a pieces of literature.
  3. Ability to use specific examples from the text and/or quote from text to support the points you make.
  4. Proper documentation of sources—to include in-text citations and “References” or “Works Cited” page. [
  5. Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax
  6. Style
  • Give your essay a title to appear at the top of page one.
  • Double-space your entire essay AND throughout each end “References” entry

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