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(this assignment is related to the previous assignment part A, I attached)


For this assignment, you will research and prepare a (San Gabriel, California) community-level strategic plan that addresses a key public health issue (I pick obesity).


Include the following in your paper:



-Provide an overview of the community health issue as described in Part A with identified causes and influences, including knowledge gaps.

-Detail the prevalence of the issue inside and outside the United States.

-Describe potential monetary costs associated with the issue in the United States.

-You must include data as part of your introduction (images, charts, graphs, etc., may be included as well as written data).



-Describe advance practice roles and management strategies that affect change at the community level.

-Identify key community and social resources that negatively and positively affect the selected issue.

-Identify changes or enhancements in community-related services for your selected topic.

-Develop a strategic plan that could decrease the prevalence of your selected topic. The goals for this plan needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-bound. Include how your plan takes into consideration health literacy, socioeconomic factors, and cultural differences.



A summary of the goals and challenges

An assessment of the outlook for action/progress



Include 2–3 scholarly sources that are carefully selected and appropriate to the topic. 

References should be current—no more than four years old.


(assignment detail direction attached)

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