Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and End of Program Learning Outcomes measured in this assignment include the following.

SLO 1: Explore healthcare policy that directly or indirectly influences the health of patients, families, and communities. (EPSLO1)

EPSLO 2:  Integrate equitable, person-centered care standards to improve care across diverse settings.


SLO 2: Integrate multidisciplinary theoretical and research-based knowledge to advocate for change.

EPSLO 1:  Apply principles of nursing scholarship to optimize health care outcomes.


Practice Experience competencies include:

4. Conduct a needs assessment of a community’s learning needs. (SLO 2)

5. Analyze data to identify a community health need. (SLO 1)


Please provide detailed answers to the following questions.

Name and location of community:

Date (s)of Needs Assessment


2. Describe the benefiting community. Include any relevant statistics as well as geographic and demographic information about the community.


3. What community needs were identified?


4. What is already being done to respond to the need(s)?


5. What resources are available locally to help meet the needs(s)?


6. What opportunities/ideas for projects did you identify?


7. Which project did you select? Why did you select this project?


8. What challenges to implementation of this project did you identify? How does the project plan take these challenges into account?


9. How will the benefiting community be involved in the project?


10. How will the success of the project be evaluated?


11. Describe the viability of the project and how it will be maintained by the benefiting community after project is completed.



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