The purpose of this paper is to conduct a community assessment and apply the nursing process to an identified priority community health problem. This is a key competency of community health nursing, and includes the following:

In one page, summarize findings from your windshield survey as the introduction to your community assessment paper. 


 Collect, analyze, and summarize the statistical and epidemiological data regarding the community.


Evaluate the community resources that are available in the community. Identify TWO priority problems for the community. 


 Plan for Improvement: recommend, and describe an intervention plan to address ONE of the two identified problems with supporting evidence from nursing research literature.


By completing a community assessment, the student understands the community and applies the content covered over the semester to complete this assignment. This paper needs to follow APA format and should be 3 to 4 pages in length (not counting Title and Reference pages). The paper needs to have at least 3 scholarly references (research articles); not including textbook.



Please see attached for windshield survey for answering the 1 paragraph.

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