Length: Between 1-3 pages, Proposal and Final Analysis Overview double-spaced, 1-inch margins, 12-point Times New Roman

Sources: For the purposes of this brief proposal, sources are not hugely important. Most of the sources you draw upon in your final analysis will likely be course-related sources, such as definitions of key theoretical approaches and concepts. There might be sources used to provide background, context, and depth to your analysis, but you are being tasked with analyzing a media phenomenon/artifact, not writing a research paper.

Mandatory Points to Discuss:

Why are you selecting topic (personal viewing history, connection to our class, etc.)

Class concepts you expect to draw upon in your analysis (intersectionality, framing, ideology, interpellation, hegemony, representation, stereotyping, othering, etc.)

Critical Points to Consider:

Due to the basic nature of this proposal, portions can be substantially recycled as the introduction to your final analysis paper.

You CANNOT change topics from your proposal on your final analysis/presentation without preapproval. Doing so will result in a substantial grade reduction or failing grade.

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