Christian Schools vs. Public Schools

This final paper is designed to help students practice identifying an issue/concern/situation for research and then explore it through a particular theoretical lens, with the intended outcome to produce a high-quality research question. This is a simulation of chapters 1 and 2 of a PhD dissertation (not in length but is quality). The paper will be divided into three sections.

Section One: Context (2000-2500 words): The student will identify the issue/concern/situation by describing the context, people involved, and other relevant descriptions (especially using the definitions and conflict styles used in the course). The student may be a participant in this situation, but it is not required. Strive to sustain a descriptive yet analytical and creative perspective as you “paint” the scene.

Section Two: Theoretical Framework (1000-1500 words): This section will utilize your theoretical framework presentation report to become a literature review. In a typical chapter 2 of a dissertation, there are several theorists and theoretical arguments laid out. In this section, though, you are focusing on only this single chapter. The purpose is to boundary your exploration and give you the experience of looking at a situation through a narrow lens.

Section Three: Research Question (less than 60 words): This section will be single sentence that fully connects sections one and two into a research question.

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