1. Read the following article:
    • Rezaianzadeh, A., Ghorbani, M., Rezaeian, S., & Kassani, A. (2018). Red Meat Consumption and Breast Cancer Risk in Premenopausal Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis (PDF). Middle East Journal of Cancer, 9(1), 5–12.
      2. Describe the relative risk (RR) and how it was computed in this research article.
      3. Compare and contrast the differences in relative risk (RR) between red meat consumption and breast cancer risk in case-control studies and cohort studies.
      4. Is the relative risk statistically significant between the case-control studies and cohort studies? Why/why not? Please explain your response.
      6. Identify two results of this research focusing on red meat consumption and breast cancer risk in this meta-analysis.
      7. Describe your area of greatest learning from reading this research article.


Your post must have at least two unique peer-reviewed, scholarly references. These references should come from sources other than your textbook or web sites and must be included in the text of the initial discussion post.

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