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-Discussion one : Courts

Our chapter this week goes through each step of the trial process in detail. MAke sure you read the chapter before attempting to post in this forum.

Identify and briefly describe the steps in a trial (no need to include pretrial procedures). Start with jury selection.

Then tell us which step in the trial you believe is the greatest area of controversy with regard to discrimination. Why? Support your opinion with at least 2 research sources.

Respond to one other student who chose a different step than you. Remember to write at least 4 substantive sentences adding more to the conversation (research, examples, material from the book, etc.).

-Discussion two: Racial Discrimination in Jury Selection

After watching the video for this week about racial discrimination in jury selection and reading the article about the Supreme Court’s decision, answer the following questions.

What did prosecutors do when the chose the jury in the Timothy Foster case? What was wrong with their actions? What do you believe was the prosecutor’s most egregious conduct?

How did The attorneys for Foster get the prosecutor’s notes years after the trial? What did they find in the notes?

What did Foster argue to the Supreme Court?

What was the Supreme Court’s decision?

The Supreme court made their decision in a 7 – 1 decision. Who was the dissenting justice and what did he say in his dissent?

Do you agree with the majority of the court or the lone dissenter? Why?

How can we be sure that prosecutors do not use race in their jury selection decisions?


5 pages and add references from google scolar

here are the reference

United States Department of State, Country Reports on Terrorism 2017 – Saudi Arabia, 19 September 2018, available at: [accessed 10 September 2019]

Background | Counter-Terrorism Implementation Task Force. (n.d.). Retrieved from

FATF Members and Observers. (n.d.). Retrieved from…

Byman. (2016, May 24). The U.S.-Saudi Arabia counterterrorism relationship. Retrieved from…

The Arab Convention For The Suppression Of Terrorism. (1998). Retrieved from…



Read “Introducing Scrum at P2P— Part A and Part B” on pages 599–602 of your textbook.

After reading Part A of the case, answer the following questions based on the case details.

  1. How well is Scrum working?
  2. What are the issues confronting the Big Foot project?
  3. Assume you are Kendra. What would you want to say at the retrospective? How would you say it?
  4. What improvements or changes need to be made?

After reading Part B of the case, answer the following questions based on the case details.

  1. How would you assess P2P’s effort at introducing Scrum?
  2. What challenges does an organization face when adopting an agile approach like Scrum?
  3. What could P2P have done to enhance success?
  4. Identify the core agile project management principles P2P used in managing this project. How would the project have been handled differently if traditional project management principles had been utilized instead?

Reread pages 17–18 in Chapter 1 or your textbook, and answer the following questions about this case.

  1. What would be the technical side and the sociocultural side of this project?
  2. How can a Scrum master be in charge of both the technical side and sociocultural side of this project?

Your response should be a minimum of two pages in length. APA formatting is not required, but if any sources are used, the authors should be given proper credit.

Text book: Larson, E. W., & Gray, C. F. (2018). Project management: The managerial process (7th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education.


Understanding your leadership style can assist you in becoming a better leader. In this assignment you will:

Describe a leadership position you have assumed either amongst your friends, family, at work or in a civic/volunteer organization. It can be a temporary role you assumed, even as simple as deciding amongst your friends which movie to see on Saturday. If you assumed a leadership role guiding or directing the decision-making, you were a leader.

  • Describe a leadership position you held in the past.
  • Explain the leadership style you used.
  • Explain how this style helped or hindered the success or decision-making of the group or team and why.

After checking your spelling and grammar, upload your minimum 250-word response in a Word document to the Unit 7 Journal Dropbox. Be sure to use APA format (i.e., 12-point Times New Roman font, double spacing, and 1 inch margins).


Type a one-page essay in which you explain the doctrine of Pan-Africanism and the process that led to the creation of the Organization of African Unity, which is now called African Union. Give your assessment of the relevance of this organization and make some recommendations to strengthen the African Union and unify African countries.


Your office has implemented a WLAN and needs you to configure the WLAN environment with three Cisco Meraki™ MR62 wireless access points (WAPs) in order to access the Internet and intercommunicate. Security is not overly important at this time.

WAP Placement:

The Visio® diagram provided, “Office Wireless Network,” shows the placement of each WAP within the building.


The firewall is located in the Data Center.

IP Information:

The organization has an external IP address of and uses private IPv4 space on the 10 network. The IP space for internal routers and access points is 10.0.1.x with all IPs available above

Before working on this assignment, research the wireless access pointon the Cisco Meraki™ documentation site.

Using the information from the Cisco Meraki™ site, document the configuration value to implement each device in the “WLAN Configuration Design Template” to allow all networked computers to communicate with each other and the Internet.

Complete the 1-page “WLAN Configuration Design Template” spreadsheet.

Create 1- to 2-page diagram depicting the process you took to identify the appropriate configuration settings for each device. Your audience is your director, so be clear and explain the vulnerabilities that exist in the implemented environment.


There are two Business Courses for tjis student

Login and go into the discussion forum week 7 in both courses and reply to 2 students each

There should be a total of 4 replies once done


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The topic of justice manifests itself in a variety of ways, and is often discussed in broad terms. What does justice mean to you? In this assessment you will address the subject of justice and related ethical theories. In a properly formatted, researched paper, you need to address the following questions:

  • What does justice mean to you?
  • What do you believe is a good foundation for justice?
  • What is Rawls’ foundation of justice and how does it relate to what justice means to you?
  • What are the key features regarding global economic justice?
  • What do you believe are the most important issues within social justice currently and why are these important?
  • In your paper, ensure that you use credible academic sources, and cite them properly.