Part 4 – Organizational Structure of your Capstone Project invites you to consider the shapes leadership can take when ideas in transformational leadership are applied to running a health care program. 


Part 4: Organizational Structure

Create an organizational chart that outlines the leadership structures and clinical departments at the facility you are planning. Include all positions that are required in your health care facility. Consider the organizational structure and roles that would shape the program and promote health care in a transformational way.



Summarize the clinic’s organizational structure and provide your rationale for these decisions. (350-525 words)


Part 5: SBAR Proposal 

SBAR Proposal

(525-700 words)



Clearly and succinctly describe the situation or problem. Enter text below.



What relevant factors led up to the described problem? Enter text below.



What improvements would result from investing the resources to tackle the problem?



What action do you propose? How do you propose to make it happen?


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