Assume you work in health administration in a hospital system in a metropolitan area in the United States. The board of directors and CEO of the hospital system have established a goal for the year to better address the community’s health care needs. You have been tasked with establishing a physician outpatient clinic focused on treating an endemic health concern in your county.


You are to examine county health data to determine a health problem of prevalent need and design a program to help alleviate these community concerns. Integral to program design are factors and considerations such as cost, staffing, facility, policies, and its potential impact on vulnerable populations. The executives also want to ensure that the physicians, staff, and administrators are held to ethical and leadership standards that align with the practices to promote a supportive work environment governed by transformational leadership. You are to research, design, and create a proposal for a program that meets the stated expectations of the board and CEO.


Part 1: Defining the Health Problem

In Week 1, your task is to identify a public health issue in a locale of your choice based on an analysis of public health data for the demographic area. Based on your research, you will conceive of a program at the local hospital, health system, or clinic to improve health outcomes for the population.


Use this project template to complete the requirements for Part 1 of your Capstone Project, detailed as follows:


1.     Use the data to identify 2 endemic health issues among populations in the county. Your project will focus on only 1 of the issues, but you will need to identify a second issue if your first choice is determined to be unfeasible for this project. Your instructor will assist you in making that determination. Since county-level health data in most states is more detailed than city-level data, it is recommended that you choose a county rather than a city. You can locate health data from the following sources:


·         County Health Rankings

·         National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO)

·         National Center for Health Statistics

·         County Health Department websites

·         State health dept 

2.     Describe the conditions and the extent of these health problems and why you feel they warrant a program or service to address their impact on the population. Support the results of your analysis using charts or graphs that include demographic, morbidity, and mortality data. 

3.     Provide and analyze demographic information on the county population, including age, gender, income, employment, and other relevant information for your program. 

4.     Summarize the health issue you want to work on and explain your idea for a program to accomplish this objective.



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