Work with your preceptor to perform a needs assessment of the organization and community for your practicum. Review the needs assessment to identify possible project topics. In preparation for the capstone change project proposal, compile a list of three to five possible topics for your project.


This paragraph should introduce the paper as a discussion of possible topics for your capstone change project. After a needs assessment or gap analysis has been performed, discuss with your mentor the needs of the organization and community to identify possible project topics. In this paragraph, introduce the theme of your paper with emphasis on three to five topics that resulted from the gap analysis discussion with your mentor. In the following paragraph, state each topic and briefly explain how it is identified as an issue or problem that is significant to nursing practice. This paper has no word range limit and does not need to go through Lopes Write. This paper should be no longer than one-page. Please keep the 1-inch margins, and the 5-space indention in the first line of every paragraph, as you would in APA format. The writer should adhere to the basic rules of appropriate format, grammar, spelling, punctuation and syntax. No reference page is needed or required in this assignment. The modified APA format does NOT use a title page or a running header. Please remove all instructions that are highlighted in yellow prior to submission of this paper. 


my three topics are

post traumatic stress disorder.

Issues in Obstetric care and

Palliative care.

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