Assignment Instructions:

Grading Guidelines for Written Assignment

Thesis and Introduction

The student has a clear position or assertion about the state of either California campaign finance reform or government transparency.The thesis is located in the introductory paragraph of the paper.The first paragraph does a good job of introducing the reader to the topic.

Research and Sources

The student has done an effective job of researching the paper in the library and/or on the internet.There are at least 10 sources.They are from diverse sites or types of literature.The accuracy and credibility of the sites and sources is good.

Argument of the Paper

The paper is at least 6 pages double-spaced, in a size 12-font, and in a standard font style, such as Times or Times New Roman.The paper has clear topic sentences in the paragraphs followed by evidence from the sources.The paper has a conclusion paragraph that summarizes the argument.


The paper is properly cited with inline notes in APA style and a bibliography or Works Cited page attached.

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