can you please write me a 2000 word research essay about

A.What can be done about it now?

Search terms: a) Burmese python control strategy; Burmese python hunting

b) marketing Burmese pythons; Burmese python commercial value; Python fashion

1.Does the python have any commercial value? Is it used now commercially? If so, how? Could that motivate hunters to remove it from the Everglades?

a.When did pythons first appear in the fashion industry? How are pythons used in fashion now?

b.What is the commercial value of this business? MONEY and jobs

c.Is there a python supply problem in the fashion industry? If so, what is it?

d.Who is catching them now and is it difficult? Can selling the skins be motivation for more people hunting them?

+ you need to include all the research links that you used to write this essay and mention it on the bottom of the essay.

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