This week you have two questions for your discussion board:

1. This week, I asked you to complete a 5-minute meditation with me. So, I would like to hear from you how it went! Was it easy or hard? Were you able to create spaces between your thoughts when you just focused on your breath? What could be some benefits to meditation? And how do you think it helps Buddhists achieve greater awareness of the world and eventually enlightenment?

2. Choose one of the Buddhism readings (2, 4, 7, 9, 12, 16c, 17, 21a, 24, 33, and 36) >>I chose reading 2! ATTACHED << from The World’s Wisdom and tell me what you thought of it. What did it teach you about Buddhism? What interested or confused you about the reading?

-Response must be at least 250 words and include two direct quotations from the reading (along with the page numbers for the quotes).

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