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 briefly summarize your Unit 4 essay, you will be writing on the play, Trifles. While you get to choose your topic, your topic must help contextualize the play. Contextualizing the play—with support from sources—is the main purpose of this essay.Before choosing your topic, you need to first read Trifles (which is part of your assignment for Monday). Also, you must cite Trifles in your essay.Your new source requirement is 2-3 sources. Since we lost a week of instruction and libraries are only virtual, I want to be fair to you all.There are resources in the “Unit 4” folder under “Resources” in ACE to help you navigate the library website. However, you may use 1 source from the book. Articles for Trifles are on pages 1616-1660. The other source needs to either come from the library website or another credible location.The new page requirement is 5-8 pages, rather than 6-8 pages (reasoning is the same as number 3). You must include a Works Cited page, as well as cite in-text. If your paper excludes either a WC page or in-text citations, it is considered plagiarism and will not earn a passing grade

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