Week 7 – Book Study Take-Away Prezi presention

Prepare a presentation using Prezi or other presentation tool to illustrate your take-away from your book study. This assignment gives you creative license and the leeway to think outside the box. Reflect on what you now notice, wonder, think, feel, and question about America’s education system. How has your opinion and viewpoint changed? If you feel it hasn’t, how has your opinion or viewpoint been validated?

You are preparing this presentation for a peer who has not read the book, so be sure to highlight the critical information you gleaned from reading your book.

In your Book Study Take-Away:

  • Be sure your message is clear and that your reader or viewer will understand your perspectives and reflections (no matter what media or application you use);
  • Be sure to highlight the critical information that you personally gleaned from reading your chosen book.
  • Validate your statements by adding a reference handout or by using an extra slide for references; and
  • Use APA for any text-based references.

Post your presentation by inserting a link in your discussion post or by attaching a document. This presentation should be equivalent to 12 slides.

Click here for information on course rubrics.

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