Choose 3 of 5 option here to write the discussion belo

1 Judaism: Discuss the nature of prophecy (to the prophet future is irrevocable) and law (to the priest future is a repeatable pattern), the conflict between the Jewry of the diaspora and Judaic Orthodoxy. Include the various meanings of nation, land, consensus of the elect or chosen, the Messiah.

2 Early Christianity: Discuss the meaning of Jesus as Prophet of the Apocalypse, Jesus as Messiah and World Redeemer (but with doubt), Jesus as Resurrected from the dead.

3 Early Christianity: Discuss the meaning of the Doctrine of Original Sin. Include the stoning of Stephen (the first Christian Martyr), the vision on the road to Damascus, the beginning and the end of Original Sin, Adam as the first envoy, Jesus as the second, Justification by law and justification by belief, Reconciliation or Atonement, Predestination, the Trinity (Father-the Son-Holy Spirit), brotherhood of the elect.

4 Early Christianity: Discuss the meaning of the Doctrine of the Logos. Include Jesus as the Word of God; Jesus existing through all eternity sharing the divine substance of God. The Logos doctrine accepting, but going beyond Original Sin doctrine. The First, the Second, and the Third Envoy (the Comforter or Counselor), and the idea of all being incarnate.

5 Islam: Discuss the tripartite division of reality. The role of Faith as Revelation and Truth. Good and Evil, History as a test, Theism, Missionary Zeal, Jihad and War, God and the Holy Spirit.

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