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Understanding that Ethical Considerations are a major part of what we must understand as practitioners. Review and reflect on the basic tenets presented in the Powerpoint and blend those with your personal considerations of what ethical practice means related to integration and inclusion of students with more significant disabilities.

Using the VB Mapp Manuel, all the information from this class your belief system and know of systems you have worked in, create a powerpoint for a staff presentation that blends the barriers to participation and how we can address those barriers in an ethical manner. The Powerpoint should include basic ethical considerations when working with students who have significant language and learning deficits, an overview of at least 4 barriers to transition.   Some questions your Powerpoint can answer would be 1) What must be considered to determine if a student can benefit from participation in a general education classroom; 2) How does the chosen barrier limit participation in the general education setting; 3) What strategies or accommodation may facilitate participation and/or what skill needs to be built to address the deficit

This project is a culmination of all the information included in the class. Consider language, visual supports, behavioral needs, sensory needs. Be specific when discussing strategies or accommodations. Please use the VB Mapp manuel as a significant resource for this assignment.

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