Evaluation on a variety of avenues in which technology has played a role in our lives. In today’s society, we are seeing the utilization of Social Media by corporations and businesses, networking avenues for our current and/or future employers, a means to stay in touch with friends and family, and our nation’s politicians.

For our final discussion, please provide your initial post by sharing a brief video of yourself addressing the following; (this video can be recorded by any device you are comfortable using, and can be uploaded directly, or as an attachment)

  • Explain Social Media’s impact on your personal connection with community.
  • How is your own sense of identity expressed through utilizing Social Media in regard to your own culture, ethnicity, and status within society?
  • Have you changed your perspective and/or opinion about a topic after reviewing other’s viewpoints expressed through Social Media? Provide an example and share how additional information given led you to change your viewpoint or stance on that topic.

Max 250-300 word

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