For this discussion, please answer the following:

  • Do you feel terminally ill patients should have a right to choose when they die? Explain at least three reasons why you feel that way.
  • Some people worry about the “slippery slope” surrounding the legalization of assisted suicide. Do you feel that there is validity in the arguments? Why or why not?
  • How do you feel about the fact that the death penalty is legal in 30 states but medically assisted suicide is only legal in 8 states & Washington DC? In general, why do you think it’s more accepted practice to choose to put someone to death than to allow a terminally patient to carry out their own death?

To receive full credit, you must complete the following:

1. Answer the questions above, utilizing facts/information in the following articles and videos.
2. Post a second entry (either for or against) a classmate’s argument. Your second entry should give specifics of why you agree or disagree and should bring new information or facts into the discussion.………

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