– Assignment requirements: the country chosen is Egypt

  • political factors

1- type of government policy: done

2- political stability: done

3- tax policy: done

4-trade restrictions

  • Economical:

1-system type: done

2-economic growth: done

3-unemployment rate

4-exchange rate

  • Social

1-population growth rate

2- age distribution

  • Technology

1-level of innovation

2-technological change

  • Environmental factors:

1-Environmental policies :

2- climate changes

  • legal factors:

1- current law practiced

2- employment law

  • Other factors:

these factors should be written if Al-Othaim company (Islamic supermarket) opened in Egypt but its already opened there. So, no first mover advantage.

website for the company https://www.othaimmarkets.com/eg/

1-Demand (depend on culture,consumer taste and preferences)

2-Transportation cost (depend on the distance between Saudi Arabia and that country)

3-Trade barriers (tariffs, quotas and others)

4-Level of competition

5-First mover advantage

– I will attach a sample to follow read it before start and the answers should be so brief.

– for the references should be cited in Harvard style with in text citation.

– complete the work on (PESTEL) file.

– plagiarism not allowed

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