Assignment 8 – N492

Write a 2000-2500 word essay addressing each of the following points/questions. Be sure to completely address each bullet point. Separate each section in your paper with a clear heading that allows your professor to know which bullet you are addressing in that section of your paper. Support your ideas with at least three (3) sources in your essay. Make sure to reference the citations using the APA writing style for the essay. The cover page and reference page do not count toward the minimum word amount. Review the rubric criteria for this assignment.


Based on the assignments throughout this course address the following:

  • Describe the population that is being assessed.
  • What is/are the race(s) of this population within the community?
  • Are there geographically boundaries for this group? If so, what are they?
  • Does this community exist within a certain city or county?
  • Are there general characteristics that separate this group from others?
  • Education levels, birth/death rates, age of deaths, insured/uninsured?
  • Where is this group located geographically…? Urban/rural?
  • Why is a community assessment being performed? What purpose will it serve?
  • How will information for the community assessment be collected?
  • Describe the results from:

Windshield Surveys

Participant Observation

Informant Interviews

Focus Groups


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