QUESTION 1: (500 words)


Your bio MUST include: 1. The name of your chosen band, or artist on a title page. (1) 2. A photograph of your chosen band, or artist on the title page. (2) 3. Where your band / artist is from? (6) Be sure to include: (a) city/town, (b) state, and (c) country 4. List the instrument they each play? (4) 5. What year did your band, or artist form as a musical entity? (2) 6. Provide a general overview of your band / artist including their genre. (10) 7. What was/is (a) the most popular period for your band / artist? And (b) why? (4) 8. Provide career highlights and details of 2 charting singles, or albums. (8) 9. Provide an anecdote (i.e: not a commonly known fact) about your band / artist. (4) 10. In one to two sentences explain why you chose this band, or artist to research. (4)


STEP 1: You can utilize principle of operant conditioning to help to stop swearin

Write a 600 words about your project that explains your project, the type of conditioning you used, and the methods and procedures used to execute your project. You should explain the process of shaping the behavior and utilize any or all appropriate vocabulary. Finally, include a discussion of the results and an analysis of recommendations for your own further improvement or future changes.

can you write this as if I was trying to stop swearing and everytime I swear i have to pay 50 cent to my boyfriend

I have a problem with swearing

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