To prepare for this Practicum Journal:

  • Review the interactive nurse practitioner (NP) scope of practice law guide in your Learning Resources.
  • Review your state regulations and a neighboring state or state in which you would like to practice.
  • Reflect on how to approach relocating licensure from one state to another.
  • Review certification exam requirements for PMHNPs.

Write a 2- to 3-page paper in which you do the following:

  • -Describe the PMHNP practice environment for your home state, highlighting restrictions or limitations for practice.
  • -Compare the PMHNP practice environment in your home state with a neighboring state or a state in which you would like to practice.
  • -Describe a professional and/or clinical practice issue a new PMHNP will need to consider and address with the certification, licensure, credentialing, or relocation process.
  • -Develop a checklist for passing the national certification exam, including a detailed timeline that includes academic preparation (study plan), registration, financial preparation, etc.


FYI: I am a nurse practitioner student who will be graduating on February 14, 2021. I live in Rockwall Texas and plan to practice in Texas. I plan to study for the National certification exam for two months. I will use the Pysch meds made simple book, take the practice Fitzgerald exam, and listen to my audio DSM-5 video. Thus far, I have set aside $450.00 for testing materials and study guides. 

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