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As a provider, using evidence-based practice is key. It is crucial to complete continuing education and stay up to date on all relevant information pertaining to the field. There are several ways a provider can stay up to date; conferences, journal subscriptions, and professional memberships are a few examples. However, it can be time consuming- and overwhelming- to keep up on current literature. The purpose of this assignment is to efficiently evaluate and locate reputable information.


  1. Choose one of the following “Encore Presentations” from the NEI website to watch**:
    1. Diagnosis and Treatment of Postpartum Depression (Presenter: Rona Hu, MD)
    2. Counting Sheep: Improving the Recognition and Management of Insomnia (Presenter: Jade Wu, PhD, DBSM)
  2. Address the following questions/prompts:
    1. Describe 3 points/concepts you learned from the presentation (include details for each concept)
    2. Discuss 2 things you found particularly interesting from the presentation
    3. Identify 1 question you still have about the presentation content
      • This question can be specific or broad, but should be a reasonable question for a graduate-level student
  3. Search the literature for an answer to your question (the question in 2c). Select a peer-reviewed journal article that answers your question (or discusses why there is no answer, if this is the case). Using this article:
      • Summarize the answer to your question
      • Discuss how this information is applicable to your future practice.  (You may use more than one article, though it is not required).

**To locate the videos, access your account on the NEI website. Click “My NEI” on the gray toolbar that runs horizontal across the page. Then, go to “Congress Encore Presentations.” There is a Search button in the top right of the screen.


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