Asians and their view of the health care system

Asians and their view of the health care system

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Asians and their view of the health care system

The presence of Asians in American society has always been of great interest to me. This is because relating to my situation of being a black American the Asians are the other group I can closely identify without when it comes to issues of inhumane treatment and how this makes it difficult for these two groups to advance and continue in their pursuit of social justice. The social injustice which can be called systemic as it is within the system is viewed as to run even to the most core aspects of our society which includes the healthcare system. This is according to Zhang Joyce who is one of my Asian friends and the one whom I interviewed about her understanding and her views about the healthcare system within the American population and how this directly relates to the population of Asian Americans (Frazier, 2010).

She describes her culture as one which is very important to their lives. Even though at different times different people have tried to water the culture due to the modernization and other issues which have risen some fragment of the Asian population has remained loyal to its true self and has not changed the basic norms, principles, and ways of living. The Asians arrived in the United States of America in the year 1850s and forward whereby the young Asian men were contracted for labor from the south of China. Therefore they played a very big role in the building and making of America what is if today. However, with all these efforts and works of the Asian people, the whites in America still view the Asians as people of lower class and those who should not enjoy the same amount of social amenities like the healthcare which is available within this system (Asian Americans Then and Now, 2019).

Zhang’s view of healthcare is seen as one which is not positive towards the Asian population. This is because the Asian population within the American society are never treated fairly and therefore she states that whenever she goes to look for medical care when she’s is sick or in need of consultation she is always looked at with a funny look and therefore this makes her feel bad and this is a sign that even when she meets a doctor who is a white she will not be able to get the quality care and protection which she would have got if she got an Asian doctor or at least a black one. Therefore her view of healthcare is healthcare that is just meant for the whites and therefore it is very difficult for Asians to interact very well with the healthcare system due to its segregative. They have to face a new and different world with new people and different kinds of people. Therefore when receiving their treatment there is always an emphasis on upholding and respecting their religious beliefs as this is a very essential part of their being. They are also in need of proper communication, privacy and good nutrition just like any other person who is being treated would need. The Asians also value community life and their families very much according to Zhang and therefore it is very difficult for them to just stay in the hospital without anyone visiting due to lack of communication therefore it is considered a very important aspect when a person communicates whatever has happened to them like an accident for some people to go and check on this person since he/ she may need their help at one point of the other.

How Zhang perceives that people in his culture are treated is that she believes that they are never treated equally. Therefore this is a clear indication of what it means to have a slightly different color from the color of white people.

To some extent, therefore, in conclusion, there can be other methods of making sure that the anti-racism ends and making sure that the course one is fighting for does not evade or erode and only be left with what is not necessary. And this case in this context is the equality to be realized when it comes to black, whites, and Asians. Therefore Zhang is a very important part and contributor towards the development of this research.


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