Asian American Representation in the American Media, how it was and the Rise of it.

You need to construct a thesis statement that you will support through the use of critical vocabulary and specific examples. The paper should not be a straight biography or narrow historical account, though they can be part of it. THIS IS A RESEARCH PAPER.


2,100 words (write the word count at the end of the paper or in the heading next to your name)

– Double-spaced with page numbers and 1” margins (For quotations that are longer than 4 lines, set apart with an indentation and use single spacing)

– 12 pt Times New Roman font

– A title that captures the reader’s interest and offers a hint about the content

– At least FOUR critical sources (two of which must be peer reviewed, such as those in an academic journal or book). These sources must be integrated into the paper meaningfully

– When you quote or cite a source, it should be important to your argument or analysis, either in support or as something you are arguing against.

– Consistent citation style (e.g. Chicago, MLA)

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