As you reflect with the four principles which one do you identify with the most





As you reflect with the four principles which one do you identify with the most?

As a proud member of the Haas School, I am one of the many beneficiaries of the schools principles. The principles are set forth by the school to guide the students on the right path to take in all aspects of life. The Haas School has four principles that are reflective of the values of majority of the respected business schools in the United States. Following them is thus ideal for the proper understanding of business.

As a high school grandaunt, I am tasked with the responsibility of associating myself with one of the recognized schools in the country. There are several schools that stand out to many in terms of quality education. This gives students a wide variety of options to choose from when entering the next stage of their life. One would ask why I choose Berkley as my first college of choice as opposed to equally recognized schools such as Harvard. Berkley is known to the country as one of the contributors to the change in the American education system. This is owed to the principles that the school instills in all its students. One of the principles that I identify with the most is, Confidence without attitude. Confidence without attitude is a strong statement on its own. Confidence is an essential quality to uphold in school or outside school. The Berkley school of business encourages students to take risks in all aspects of life. Life is filled with a number of hardships and challenges. One of the areas where people are faced with a number of challenges is the business world. For one to be successful, they need to think outside the box. This involves taking on investments that may prove to be overwhelming. All transactions can never guarantee a hundred percent returns. Despite this individuals are encouraged to display confidence when carrying out business. Confidence simply means remaining positive and self assured with oneself. People who portray confidence project positive energy and results. This in turn attracts the attention and respect of individuals in their surroundings. Confidence is therefore a quality that all education establishments should strive to instill in their students. It is difficult to showcase this attitude without the proper type of education in place. A child thus needs to have a proper education so that they can maintain the same values that they are taught in elementary school. UC Berkley is one of the colleges that can maintain the proper qualities needed for the success of a student in the future to come.

UC Berkeley is one of the renowned schools in the world of business. The schools principles on excellence and inclusion set the mark for educational success. My background as a member of the Haas School gives me the opportunity to identify with the principles of Berkeley. Most of the decisions I make are reflective of the four principles making them examples for success. One of the qualities I aspire to have in the future is self respect and respect from my peers. This can be achieved by portraying self confidence in all that I do. The application to the UC Berkeley School is thus the stepping stone for making this possible.

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