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As a child I always believed everybody had the best interest of the other at heart and would never do anything to trigger a negative reaction or hurt them intentionally. I was simply a naïve goodhearted, innocent yet complicated five-year-old girl who had not experienced the evils of the world. My first encounter with evil which was in the form of racial prejudice gave me the basic development of character. This experience made me question whether I’d emerge from it stronger and more clear-headed or bruised and emotionally and mentally frustrated. My father, Atticus always taught me the world has as much capacity for evil as it does for good. Therefore, to enhance the capacity of good in society meant approaching every person with understanding and sympathy, and appreciating a safe and neutral environment where society members interact and express themselves freely without the fear of discrimination or prejudice of any kind. As young and mischievous as we were, Dill, Jem and me decided to follow my father to the town center secretly. He was visiting Tom Robinson, who had been moved to Maycomb following the threats and concerned of lynch. My dad was reading his magazine near Maycomb jail gates. Just as we were about to leave, four cars drove towards the gate and parked right in front of my father. A group of men came out and commanded my father to step away from the gate. Forgetting we had snuck out of the house and were out illegally, I ran to my father to defend him, thinking it was the other group of men that stopped by the house. Unfortunately, they were out to get Tom Robinson because of his ongoing court case. I quickly noticed my classmate’s father Mr. Cunningham among the mob. To cool the tension, I called him by his name and requested him to pass my regards to his son Walter Cunningham. They had to abort their mission as Mr. Cunningham requested them to because of shame and guilt. This experience remained memorable for me and my friends because, first, we were out that late. Secondly, I was brave enough to stand up and defended my father during the predicament despite all the possible risks.

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