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Arts have been used for a very long time to express personal views or to bring out an artistic imagination. The works of arts are divided into two groups, the Impressionist and the post impressionist work. The impressionist art was first launched in the year 1847, by a group of Parisian artists. The works were actually a rebellion against Academie des Beaux-Arts, which had set some artistic standards.

Among the impressionist art work by Norman Rockwell which was painted in the year 1941. The work known as Package from home is done on a canvas which is 51″ high x 39″ wide. The frame is 57″ high 45″ wide. The work is about a young man known as Robert Buck. In the painting Rockwell shows Willie receiving a package that has been sent from home and some six servicemen following close behind knowing very well that there are some goodies in the package. The painting was the first of the eleven painting by Rockwell of Willie. The painting brought out the lighter side of the world war II, the picture shows the” importance of connection from home to service people (Stein, 2009).”

The other impressionist work is by Claude Monet, the height of the painting is C: 15 3/8; F: 23 1/2 Inches and the width C: 28; F: 36 Inches. The painting is of a boat in a harbor looking towards the horizon on the southwest during the low tide. This is one of the paintings on nature that was done by Claude who painted work that were related only to nature. By doing a painting on low tide, the artist was giving an impression that sooner or later the high tide will come back (Stein, 2009).

Another impressionist work by Monet is the La Grenouillère; The size of the painting is 29 3/8 x 39 1/4 in. (74.6 x 99.7 cm). It was the painting of the La Grenouillère which was a spur and working resort. The resort had some historical background as it had hosted some great people such as the Emperor Napoleon the third accompanied by his wife and son. The work was done at a time when Monet was very poor (Stein, 2009).

Post impression was a term that was coined by Roger Fry; this was during the preparation for an exhibition which was to be held at the Grafton Gallery. The exhibition was called “Manet and the Post-Impressionists”. He coined the name in order to market their work in collaboration of another artist from France whose work was not known across the English Channel. The exhibition was held in London on 8th of November 1910 to the 15th of January 1911. “Post-Impressionists pushed the ideas of the Impressionists into new directions”(Ringelberg, 2009).

One of the Post-Impressionism art works was by Vincent van Gogh; the painting is known as “Still Life with Two Sacks and a Bottle”. The painting shows two sacks and a bottle of wine, the work depicted the life of the artist at the time. He was facing a crisis in his private life including the years that he spent serving as a layman preacher. Vincent was to undergo one crisis after the other throughout his life. The only thing that Vincent never lost was the faith that one day a brighter day would come (Gogh, 2005).

Another Post-Impressionism work by Vincent van Gogh is the one known as the Laak windmill. The work was done by Vincent immediately after he lost his tutor by the name of Mauve. That was also the time that Vincent was contemplating abandoning his passion for art for preaching. The picture shows the historic Laak windmill which was built in the year 1699 in The Hague, even though Vincent sketched other windmills the Laak remains a master art as the artist was able to show his technical prowess (Gogh, 2005).

A self portrait by Vincent van Gogh was another example of the Post-Impressionism work, the work known as the” Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat”. The painting is 16 x 12 1/2 in. (40.6 x 31.8 cm). Vincent managed to paint more than twenty self-portraits. This was historic picture as it was the first that Vincent had done using the “Neo-Impressionist technique and color theory”. Such pictures by Vincent were done when he did not have any model to work on (Gogh, 2005).


The portrait package from home should be placed at the reception, as it will reinforce the company’s policy of ever willing to share every good aspect with the clients. The painting of the boat by Claude should be placed at the corridor leading to the reception. That is because it enhances the company’s policy of bettering the lives of the clients, this is because the painting portrays that even if there are some lows in life the high side are not far away.

The Laak windmill will be placed in the office of the CEO; this is because it will represent the technical prowess of the company. The still life portrait will be placed at the hallway leading to the bathrooms. The self portrait will be placed at the hallway leading to the employees changing rooms as it will remind the employees that one should be proud of whom they are. The La Grenouillère should be placed at the conference room. This is because the company values everybody and their opinions are highly welcome.


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