In addition to the original charge of murder, the 21-year old Brothel Boy was charged with aggravated assault, statutory rape, kidnapping and use of a deadly weapon (the stone). The murder carries a maximum penalty of 60 years, the aggravated assault carries a maximum penalty of 25 years, the rape a penalty of 15 years, kidnapping a penalty of 10 years, and the use of a deadly weapon carries a penalty of 5 years.

During plea negotiations, the Brothel Boy pleaded guilty to the aggravated assault and statutory rape. The remaining charges were dropped. In sentencing, Blair imposed the maximum penalty on the aggravated assault and the statutory rape and noted that the sentences will be served concurrently with no possibility of early release.

  1. How hold will the Brothel Boy be when he is release? BE SURE TO EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER.
  2. Had the Brothel Boy accepted a “plea on the nose” and had all remaining changes dropped how old would he be when he is released? BE SURE TO EXPLAIN YOUR ANSWER?

NOTE: No credit will be given if you fail to explain your rationale.

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