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1. What is meant by Anabolic Processes as opposed to Catabolic Processes?

2. What is the process of “Glycolysis” and compare this process to the process

of “Gluconeogenesis”.

3. What are the products that are generated from the process of “Glycolysis”?

4. What are the three enzymatic points at which “Glycolysis” is regulated?

5. What happens to Pyruvate as a product of Glycolysis when OXYGEN is not


6. What enzymes (different from the glycolytic enzymes) favor the process of

“Gluconeogenesis” and where are they found in the cell?

7. What is the Cori Cycle and when and where is it employed in the human


8. What are the initial reactants and the final products of the Citric Acid Cycle?

9. What is the role of bile acid and cholesterol metabolism in the human body

and where do these processes take place?

10. What is Beta Oxidation and what are the final products that are generated

from this metabolic cycle?

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