Annotated bibliography.

APA Required

This paper will be on six sources that I have included below. Each paragraph should be about 8-10 sentences.

I have included 2 sources for each topic (Hero, Flaw, and Downfall)

The paper will be about Bill Cosby and three topics:

his heroism, his flaw, and downfall from Aristotle’s theory.

Each annotation must include

About 2-3 sentences summarizing the document/article.

Write 2-3 sentences on evaluating the source. Explain why this is a reputable source (The source is reputable because it discusses etc).

Write 2-3 sentences on why the document fits in with the hero/flaw/downfall.

Finally, include a quote from each annotation at the end of each paragraph and briefly (2 sentences) explain why the quote connects to the topic of focus.

I have included the sources and the topics connected to each.

Here are the citations for the sources:

HERO – Bill Cosby. (2007). In Contemporary Black Biography (Vol. 59). Detroit, MI: Gale. Retrieved from

FLAW – Black, R. (2004). Where Did We Go Wrong?: Bill Cosby and the Anxiety of Communal Responsibility. Black Scholar, 34(4), 16–20.

DOWNFALL – Terán, L., & Emmers-Sommer, T. M. (2018). “The Destruction of a Legacy”: Agenda Setting and the Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Allegations. Sexuality & Culture, 22(1), 63–89.

DOWNFALL – Weisensee Egan, N., Corinthios, A., Gomez, P., Green, M., Helling, S., Leonard, E., … Truesdell, J. (2014). The Fall of Bill Cosby. (Cover story). People, 82(24), 58–62. Retrieved from

HERO – Cosby, B. (2004). Stop Fooling Around. Vital Speeches of the Day, 70(19), 599–602. Retrieved from

FLAW – Egan, N. W., & Leonard, E. (2016). Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Case Facing Cosby in Court. People, 85(25), 54–55. Retrieved from

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