This is a 3-page double-space scholarly paper excluding references and title page. While students are assigned to a group based on the ANA Code of Ethics, this is an individual paper. Each student will draft and submit an individual paper submission. Students are restricted to using a maximum of one (1) direct quotation in this paper (properly cited per APA). In total, 4-6 peer-reviewed, peer-reviewed, and evidence-based references are required, properly formatted on a separate page. Use citations throughout the paper to reference material and ideas that belong to others. (Three of the references will be the ANA Code of Ethics, the NSNA Code of Ethics, and the ICN Code of Ethics). Page limit will be strictly adhered to in grading.


Part I:

You will be assigned to review one of the provisions of the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics for Nurses. Please answer the questions in 1 or 2 expanded paragraphs based on your readings and understanding of the specific provision assigned to you.

  1. Describe the main points/highlights covered in this provision of the Code. Use your own words.
  2. Reflect on what you learned from reading this particular provision of the Code.
  3. Describe how you will apply the information and knowledge from this section of the Code to your clinical experiences in your current courses.  **(You may use 1st person voice for #s 2&3 only).

Part II:

Read the entire ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses, The National Student Nurses Code of Ethics, and the International Council of Nurses Code of Ethics. The following articles will also help you (links are found under required readings in this syllabus):

  • *Mahony, D.L. & Jones, E.J. (2013). Addressing the social determinants of health in nursing education, research, and health policy. Nursing Science Quarterly, 26, 280-284. doi:10.1177/0894318413489186. (Note: the Mahony & Jones article comments on the 2001 version of the ANA Code of Ethics. You will see that the 2015 revision of the Code of Ethics now incorporates discussion of the social determinants of health and nurses’ roles in addressing health disparities.)
  • *Thurman, W. P.-L., M. (2017). Returning to the profession’s roots: Social justice in nursing education in the 21st century. Advances in Nursing Science, 40(2), 193-194. 
  • Answer the following questions in expanded paragraph style:
  • Describe the target audience/scope for each of the three different Codes and explain the purpose for each specific Code relative to the target audience.
  • Specifically, describe how the concepts of health disparities and social justice are addressed in each of the Codes. Use evidence from the three Codes to support your argument.
  • Describe how these three codes will guide your professional growth and transition from a student nurse to a practicing Registered Nurse, to a global steward for nursing and health. (You may use 1st person voice for #3 only).

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