An Excellent Guide to Writing a Nursing Thesis Title

Nursing Thesis

How to write a nursing thesis title

Making a nursing thesis is not easy. Moreover, in Nursing, there are things that cannot be researched and usually, nursing/health research is more of a procedure than other branches of science.

Leave alone the introduction of a chapter, just submitting a title can be a big worry to many nursing students. Your instructor can easily reject your proposed thesis title.  When rejected it feels like the world has turned upside down, especially if you have spent time preparing the title.

Are you worried that your professor will reject your nursing thesis title? Well, the nursing homework help service provides you with the following tips to help you get started with your nursing thesis.

  1. Do not use nursing thesis titles that have been used too often

Lecturers usually don’t like it when you use titles that are overused and seem useless to research. Titles like ‘increased knowledge’ are too boring for lecturers. Especially if your title is like this: ‘Benefits of counseling on hypertension on the level of knowledge of hypertension’. Hasn’t it been proven that education can increase knowledge? Then why research again? Avoid titles that are overused create titles that can attract the attention of your supervisor.

  1. Learn the concept of the variables in your thesis title before meeting the Lecturer

In every thesis title, there must be two related concepts. This is called a variable, namely the dependent variable and the independent variable. For example, the title of the thesis ‘The effect of therapeutic communication on the level of anxiety in hospitalized children’, then there are two concepts that you should know and learn before meeting a lecturer, namely the concept of therapeutic communication and the concept of anxiety. You must know what therapeutic communication looks like, its benefits, how we do it, how long it takes, and the results of other researches that have used it.  Likewise, with anxiety, you have to know what anxiety is, what the level of anxiety is,  how to assess anxiety,  the effect of anxiety, and other concepts. Do not face the lecturer with only the title but you don’t know anything about the title. Even though your title is good, you might get rejected because you can only gibberish when asked.

  1. Modify the existing title. Be creative

So if there is a title that is overused, you can modify the title so that it becomes more acceptable. The trick is to replace one of the variables. Suppose you have these 2 titles

(1) The relationship between habits (mindset) on the diet of preschool children

(2) Parenting patterns of early sex education on the formation of personality patterns for children aged 6-12 years.

So you can modify the first title by replacing Habits with parenting so that it looks like this: “The Relationship between Parenting and Preschool Diet.”

By modifying the title, you will get an interesting title because it is different from the others so that your lecturer will be interested and allow you to continue, but of course, you have to know the concept of variables before facing the lecturer.

  1. Adjust it with your Lecturer Scientific Department

Each lecturer is usually in a particular department. Adjusting your title with the department occupied by the supervisor will make it easier for you to get information about a good thesis title and of course he will approve it. Besides, if you submit a title that matches your lecturer’s scientific expertise, chances are he will be more interested in your title.

For example, if your lecturer is in the emergency department, then look for the title or theme of an emergency for your thesis. Likewise, if your lecturer is involved in the community, then look for community titles too.

  1. Look for trending research themes

The trending research themes are usually known by the lecturers. But this is just a theme, not the exact title. Looking for a title is the student’s responsibility. The lecturer only offers directions corrects or provides an appropriate theme. So why do you have to ask lecturers about popular themes? Because lecturers are certainly also quite active in research and know which themes are interesting to study. With your supervisor’s interest in knowing the theme, it is likely that the title you submit will be accepted.

  1. Does your title make sense?

One of the things that are disliked by the lecturer is the carelessly selected title. At times, students do not understand the meaning of the title they are studying. This can provoke the teacher’s emotions. So do not be in that category. Knowing whether your title is worthy of research can save you greatly. For example, if someone submitted the title ‘The effect of health education on the level of knowledge of the elderly about hypertension’. Isn’t it the function of health education or health center to increase knowledge? And won’t the result be proven?

Make a title that really makes sense from the results of your contemplation. Other examples of unclear headings include ‘The effect of home visits on the healthy behavior of elderly people with hypertension’. What is the concept of a home visit? Then how can behavior change if you only visit it? What can that be?  With counseling alone, it is still difficult to change behavior, especially with just visits. This doesn’t make sense. Look for research titles that are rational or they can be influential but are not 100 percent always the case.

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