The essay is about Kant’s essay What Is Enlightenment?

Write and turn in a polished essay. A proposal is attached with the first paragraph, and the initial idea of how the essay express. Thesis statement is underlined. Try to apply the ideas to life today.

The databases I prefer the sources:

Dictionary of Literary Biography Complete Online

 EBSCO Databases Combined

 Humanities International Complete


Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe

 Literature Criticism Online

 Literature Resource Center

 Litfinder

 MLA International Bibliography

 ProQuest Central

 Twayne’s Authors Series

Here’s how long the essay should be, not counting the Works-Cited section: 8 pages (around 3000 words)

Use MLA style throughout in Times New Roman 12.

 Make sure you have a thesis near the end of your introduction.

 Stick with third-person throughout your text (no I, you, we, us, etc.).

 Include a standard MLA heading and headers.

 Quote and cite from each source at least once within your text. Sources include the literature we’ve read (each item is a separate entry) and any outside sources you decide to use.

 List each source in the works-cited section at the end (no works cited = very, very low grade!).

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