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All assignments must be submitted as word documents (not PDF, pages, etc.), must be submitted in their respective folder on Moodle, and must be in 12-pt font.

First, listen to the podcast “WorkLife with Adam Grant – The Team of Humble Stars.” An mp3 clip with this podcast is provided in Moodle in the Module folder. Note: You may want to first read the assignment and familiarize yourself with the questions before listening.

To receive credit, turn in a document answering the following questions (A numbered list is fine, this does not have to be in the form of a paper). This assignment will be graded on a 10-point scale, which each question below being worth 1 point.

In your own words, what is the focus of this podcast? What was the take-away message?

Adam gives a number of examples of why teams of top performers can actually lead to worse performance for the team – what was one of the examples?

Adam says that “lots of stars means lots of egos.” What trait does he say you need to overcome this? Define this trait. What do studies show happens when teams possess this trait?

What are the three key actions through which humility is revealed?

What is moral elevation? What is an example of moral elevation you have observed in your own life?

Adam discusses how forming a team with humility starts with recruiting. He gives an example from Butler University about a recruiting question they like to ask. What is the question, and what answer are they looking for?

Adam says being humble at work can be a little trickier; if we are too self-deprecating, we risk losing opportunities. Instead, Adam says we should be both humble and ___________.

A common interview question is “what is your biggest weakness.” How should we answer this question, according to the evidence Adam references?

What is the wrong way to express humility?

How does this podcast recommend maintaining humility?

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