Grading Information

Your weekly homework is assigned in the ALEKS environment. Your goal is complete all of the assignments that comprise the ALEKS pie. Each week, you are assessed on the time you spend working in ALEKS, whether or not you complete the assignments. At the end of Week 11, you are assessed on mastery of the material – completion of all the assignments, aka the entire pie.

Activity in ALEKS (10 points per week for in weeks 1-10).

  • In order to make steady progress on mastering the material (filling the pie) during the term, you should plan to spend 5 hours per week working on the assignments in ALEKS. Your instructor will be able to see how much time you’ve spent and on what topics you’ve worked.
  • If you spend less than 5 hours working in ALEKS and do not complete the assignment, you will receive 2 points per hour you work in ALEKS.
  • Weekly ALEKS time will count toward 10% of your final grade.

PART 2: Mastery of the Material (400 points scored at the end of Week 11).

  • At the end of the course, you will be graded on completion of the entire ALEKS pie.
  • Your professor will give you a chance to make up any work you did not complete before the final points are scored at the end of Week 11.

MOTIVATION! If you keep up with the weekly homework (PART 1), you will have completed the entire pie by the end of Week 10 (PART 2) – automatically earning you the 400 points for the successful mastery of the material!

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