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I am from a culture where people with mental health issue is marginalized and considered to be weak. We were taught from a very young age that one can overcome their mental health issues by being strong. When I became a nurse, I realized that everything I though I new about mental health was wrong. After my enlightenment, I chose to work closely with patient with mental illness to help these people with no voice. Realizing that many in my community and many of my coworkers did not understand clearly how to help people with mental health issues, I went to back to school to obtain a master in nursing education so that I could help shape the mind of the new generation of nurses. I had the privilege to teach for several Academic institutions over the years, and I take pride of how my student excel in their career. My goals now is to become a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I believe that  doing so, I have a greater impact on only in the classroom but also in helping with the care for individuals who need the most. 

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