Case Study On Maternity Questions

Chapter 26

  1. According to Piaget, what significant cognitive development allows toddlers to engage in imitative play?
  2. Describe the gross motor progression of walking in a toddler
  3. Write a telegraphic phrase you might hear from a 3-year-old who wants cookies and milk.
  4. Explain what about a toddler’s sensory development puts him or her at risk for accidental ingestion. Name 3 of the most dangerous potential poisons a toddler may ingest
  5. Write suggestions for parents of a difficult 2-year-old about how they might avoid tantrums in their toddler.
  6. Discuss an action that parents might take when a temper tantrum occurs.
  7. Explain why allowing children to “graze” on carbohydrate-rich foods throughout the day may contribute to poor dental health.

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