ABA 516 Writing Assignment

Reading: Brodhead, M. (2015) Maintaining Professional Relationships in an Interdisciplinary Setting: Strategies for Navigating Non-behavioral Treatment Recommendations for Individuals with Autism. Behavior Analysis in Practice, 8(1), 70-78.
Working with other disciplines can be difficult. Behaviorist have not always worked well with others, and we have to live with the opinions of other professionals based on past experiences. The Brodhead reading is about how to decide when to go along with a non-behavior-based intervention, when and how to raise concerns, and when to outright reject an intervention.
• Choose two therapies or interventions from the chart below.
• Learn as much as you can about the two topics. Good, bad, origin, methods etc.
• Compose a brief unbiased description (four sentences or less) for both topics.
• Create your own hypothetical scenario using one of the two chosen topics. You are the BCBA for a hypothetical client and another professional is recommending the topic you chose from the list.
o Describe the setting in which someone may recommend the treatment for a client.
o Who made the recommendation and why?
o Briefly describe the hypothetical client.
o Using the Brodhead Decision-making model figure out how you would handle.
o Describe how you would handle this situation.
o Provide any additional information or your thoughts if you feel it is relevant to this hypothetical experience.
Tip: If coming up with a hypothetical situation and client is difficult feel free to use a real situation. Change the names and some details to protect the innocent and the guilty.
Important Note: I am looking to see if you understand the reading and you can apply it to the real world. Feel free to have fun with this, but make sure it shows you have put effort into this, and you have grown professionally from this assignment.
One more note: When I have assigned this in person, I have noticed many students think all the therapies listed below are bad. Yes, some of them are but not all of them. You can make this assignment easier or harder based on which therapies you choose. Have Fun!
Magnets (ASD Treatment) Relationship Development Intervention
Art Therapy Music Therapy
Holding Therapy Floor Time
Son-Rise Program® Social Stories
Rapid Prompting Method TEACCH
Yoked Prisms Dolphin Therapy
Cannabis and Marijuana Auditory Integration Therapy
Chelation Facilitated Communication
Essential Oils Psychoanalytic and Humanistic Play Therapy

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