Strategies you use to maintain, build up, or improve health over time in an autoetiography. In this context, “bodily eu-appearance” serves to encourage ongoing pursuit of such strategies. Successful strategies, in this context, are generally intended to promote well-being and self- and/or life-affirmation.

Remember: this is not an essay. You may produce either an autoetiography or autopathography journal that logs your personal experiences. Around 6 pages, double space.

* Whether you are doing an autoetiography or autopathography, you will log how the stressful social environment of the 21st century affects your personal experiences. Stress, in and of itself, is not generally considered to be a disease or illness. However, there is general agreement that stress contributes to ill-health and disease. Correspondingly, there is general agreement that people who develop and nurture successful stress reduction strategies are less likely to become ill.

Be sure that your journal provides background about the strategies you are studying.

Be sure that your journal makes clear when and where you perform the strategies you are studying.

Be sure that your journal makes clear (a) the “rules” (i.e., “obligations” and “expectations”) surrounding the performance of the strategies, and (b) what you expect to happen if the strategies are not performed according to the rules.

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