I need a 5 paragraph essay film analysis for the movie “American Beauty

The first paragraph is an introduction (about the movie and the related topic chosen), the 2nd, 3rd, 4th paragraph is about the topic you choose to write about which the topics are listed below. for each of these 3 body paragraphs you need to include 3 main characters (each paragraph 1 character) of the movie and use them as an example accordingly to the chosen topic.

the 5th paragraph is the conclusion.

APA format, use in-text citations according to references used, also list all references used if any.

The topics: (choose one) I already chose the theme “Happiness”



Happiness exists in American Beauty as a myth, as a goal, and as a disguise. All of the characters are engaged in the pursuit of happiness, although they have very different ideas about what happiness is and how to find it. This is one of the qualities that truly make American Beauty a film about the modern American experience: if being American means having the intrinsic right to the pursuit of happiness, why is the “typical” American so deeply unhappy?

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