For our drama essay, you will compare characters that appear in one play or compare characters from two plays we discussed. You may wish to focus on a mythological approach to criticism (tragic hero/heroine, villain/villainess, villain-hero, and so on), take a philosophical approach (authenticity/inauthenticity), or take a psychoanalytic approach by analyzing the characters in terms of psychopathology.

Length: ~ 4 pages, double-spaced.

Guidelines for the Comparison Essay

ENGL 1020

A comparison essay explores subjects that are both similar and different, yet have enough common ground to allow for a meaningful discussion. Or, more simply put, you explore subjects that, despite apparent distinctions, have qualities in common.


  •  Use regular font size (e.g., Times New Roman 12 pt.) and have one-inch margins on all fours sides of the page.
  •  Double space your paper throughout.
  •  Include your name, my name, the name of the course, and the date (flush left!) in theheading.
  •  Center your title.
  •  Follow your introductory paragraph(s) with your thesis statement. Recall that a thesis isan “assertion of an opinion that leads to a meaningful discussion.”
  •  Be sure to consult MLA guidelines for citing quotes from your chosen text(s). DO NOTuse outside sources (e.g., Spark Notes or Cliffs Notes) UNLESS you find it absolutely necessary to do so. If you must resort to outside sources, you must cite them!SUGGESTIONS FOR PREWRITING, DRAFTING, AND EDITING:

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